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Car insurance covers the legal liability of the insured for the payment of compensation to third parties for bodily injury, death and property damage to third parties. In the market there are various insurance packages from many insurance companies, which cover a wide range of additional risks, including the possibility to cover loss or even damage to the insured’s vehicle. It is mainly offered in three different packages.

Types of Insurance

1. Third Party Liability Insurance
This policy meets the minimum legal requirements in respect to the insured’s or authorized drivers’ legal liability for death or bodily injury caused to third parties and damage to property resulting from the use of the motor vehicle, the minimum limits of liability set by the Law are:

  • For bodily injury or death: €33.540.000 per event
  • For property damage: €1.120.000 per event
  • Medical emergency expenses €35 per event

…many times, customers are asking us for the cheapest Third-Party Insurance, because they think it covers only other people. Our answer is that Third Party Insurance should be the most expensive you can buy, precisely because it covers bodily injury to third parties. By contract definition third parties are including the passengers in your car, which are usually your children and family. . !! So, would you like to buy the cheapest insurance against third parties?

-Savvas Christoforou

2. Comprehensive Insurance
Covers all that plan one is covering, as well as coverage for damage or loss to the insured vehicle, its components and spare parts. Indicatively but not restrictively, the comprehensive insurance plan covers damages resulting from:

  • Vehicle collision with another vehicle
  • Collision of the insured himself
  • Fire
  • Theft or Attempted Theft

The plan also covers additional coverages such as passenger’s liability, driving other vehicles, loss of vehicle use, windscreen breakage etc. The maximum insured amount of compensation is mentioned in the Table of the Insurance Contract, but in no case exceeds the current value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

3. Comprehensive Insurance Plus losses from nature
Covers everything the third party and the Comprehensive Insurance Plan covers, plus damage to the car from natural phenomena such as thunder, storm, earthquake, and flood.

Emergency & Accident Assistance

As a practical proof of our slogan “with you all the way”, with all car insurance plans we offer a Nationwide telephone number service, in case of an accident or roadside emergency, where customers can call for guidance or emergency service  24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This service includes:

1. Accident Assistance
In case of an accident you must contact our Motor Assistance service immediately. Our trained associates will visit the scene of the accident to:

  • Collect all the necessary details on site
  • Take photographs of the vehicles involved
  • Document the circumstances of the accident
  • Complete the required Accident Statement Forms on site
  • Arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the service garage of your choice

2. Emergency Road Assistance
In case of a breakdown, please contact our Motor Assistance service. The road assistance company we cooperate with will ensure that you receive immediate attention, wherever you are in Cyprus excluding occupied territories. The Assistance is offered for:

  • Mechanical problems
  • Electrical engine problems
  • Towing
  • Change of car tire
  • Unlocking of vehicle
  • Return of vehicle to the road
  • Lack of fuel, water, or oil
  • Engine jump-starting

The information above may vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company. Depending on the Insurance plan we will propose, we will give you all the relevant information required by the legislation so you can make your decision. Ask us today for an offer and, we will choose the most suitable package for your needs and budget.

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