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Rental Income Owner Insurance

With the Rental Property Insurance, the owners of real estate ensure the restoration of their property in case of damage, loss of income and coverage of their legal liability. If you have various premises, e.g. apartments, shops, buildings, etc., whether they are in one location or in different locations, even different cities, you can now insure everything under one (1) insurance policy and worry no more.

To whom it may apply:

It is aimed at people who own real estate as an investment and rent it to third parties, such as owners of apartment buildings, offices or shops, and combines building insurance, insurance for loss of rent in the event of damage and protection against bodily harm that may be caused to third parties or property damage.

Why choose the Rental Property Insurance?

The Income Shield Insurance policy gives you the option of Insurance Against All Risk Insurance, which is the most comprehensive form of insurance. With just one insurance policy you can cover:

  • The building Insurance,
  • Loss of Rents
  • Third Party Liability

Extensions included in the Insurance:

  • Expenses of Engineers & Architects
  • Collection of Ruins
  • Random Damage to Cables
  • Lock Replacement
  • Water Meter Loss
  • Fire extinguishing costs
  • Public authorities
  • Accidental Fracture of Glass
  • Civil Liability and Loss of Rents

The information above may vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company. Depending on the Insurance plan we will propose, we will give you all the relevant information required by the legislation so you can make your decision. Ask us today for an offer and, we will choose the most suitable package for your needs and budget.

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