Technology Professional
Liability Insurance

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What does it cover?

Technology professional liability insurance covers technology professionals’ mistakes in the technology services or products they provide, and as a result their clients sue them, asking for compensation.  Technology professional liability insurance helps cover the legal fees and pays the amount of compensation, the court awards against the insured. 

Examples of Technology claims paid by this insurance:

  • A computer software company develops a new product that damages a client’s computer system. These damages cost the client thousands in repairs. As a result, they file a claim against the computer software company for the errors in the software. 
  • A technology company sets a timeline for developing a new product for a client. The client makes it well known that the timeline for the product is very important to them. The technology company immediately begins working on the product but misses a few key deadlines. This sets the client’s operations back significantly and they file a claim against the technology company for negligence. 
  • A computer company fails to provide the most up to date and recent information during the sale of a product to a business. After the business finds out they could have been sold a more advantageous product, they file a claim against the computer company for the omission of information. 
  • A website developer is hired to build a website for a business. Months after the website is completed, the business discovers it does not work properly. Customers have been unsuccessful on the website for the duration of these months. As a result, the business files a claim against the website developer. 
  • A hardware installation expert visits a client’s business and installs new hardware directly into their computers. However, the hardware proves to be incompatible with the business’s computers. As a result, the business files a claim against the expert for negligence in services and products provided. 

Who Needs Technology Professional Liability Insurance?

Technology professionals who provide products or services benefit from technology professional liability insurance. These professionals include:

  • IT consultants
  • Digital Agencies
  • Systems maintenance companies
  • Website developers
  • System designers
  • Software developers
  • Application service providers
  • IT project managers
  • Computer programmers
  • Database administrators
  • Computer consultants
  • Hardware installation experts
  • Integration specialists
  • Online security specialists