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Safety is of paramount importance to you seafarers. This is achieved with the excellent knowledge you need to have about the operation of your boat and the navigation regulations, so that marine enjoyment can never become an unexpected and unpleasant adventure. Insurancelink, in collaboration with major specialized insurance companies in Cyprus and abroad, ensures the appropriate insurance coverage you need, so that you can only enjoy pleasant moments during your sea excursions. Yacht insurance covers both the damages to the boat itself and the civil liability of the owner against third parties.

A. Location of Yacht

The Yacht is covered while it is:

(a) At sea, on inland waters, marinas, docks or during its transportation ashore and/ or place of storage  

(b) Laid up out of commission, including lifting or hauling out and launching, while being moved in shipyard or marina, dismantling, fitting out, overhauling or normal maintenance

B. Cover of damage to the yacht

Indicatively, it covers loss or damage to the craft caused by:

  • Perils of the seas (collision, sinking, stranding).
  • Fire, lightning, explosion.
  • Accidents in loading, discharging, or moving stores, gear, equipment, machinery, or fuel.
  • Bursting of boilers, breakage of shafts, malicious acts.
  • Theft of the entire craft provided it is kept in a port or marina or other secured place (this cover does not apply if the craft is anchored unattended off exposed beaches or shores).
  • Theft following forcible entry into the vessel or place of storage or repair.
  • Salvage charges.

C. Civil Liability of the Owner to third Parties

The liability to third parties provides insurance cover to the owner of the yacht for any sum which he may become legally liable to pay to third parties arising from accidents, occurring during the use of the yacht, in respect to

  • Loss of, or damage to any other vessel or property whatsoever, 
  • Loss of life, personal injury, or illness to third parties.

D. Additional Covers

Additional covers for speedboats for:

  1. Mechanical damage.
  2. War and strikes and political acts.
  3. Transportation of craft by trailer.
  4. Water-skiers’ liability.
  5. Outboard motor dropping off or falling overboard.

The information above may vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company. Depending on the Insurance plan we will propose, we will give you all the relevant information required by the legislation so you can make your decision. Ask us today for an offer and, we will choose the most suitable package for your needs and budget.

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